Posted by: Megan | January 15, 2009

Poppa’s Climbing Ice Pick

Ara and I watched the news the other morning and Sir Edmund Hillary’s Ice Pick was featured.
I directed Ara’s view to our own Ice Pick.
“Thats Poppa’s Ice Pick and he climbed lots of moutains with that even Mt Cook” (NZ’s moutain to climb)
She looked at the pick on the wall for a long time then said
“We should give it back to Poppa”
I felt very sad at this point as my grandfather suffered a stroke not long after Ara was born and has not been able to walk well since let alone climb moutains.
But I thought of the good side of how lucky we are to have Poppa’s story’s and life and have the photos and other climbing/rangering equipment to remind us of his very full life.

Posted by: Megan | January 11, 2009

Mum look what I found in the washing machine

Oh sigh.
Is it pregnant brain? Mumma brain…or should I not blame either of these and just admit I’m a bit slack in the washing…oh give up the house cleaning.
Ara’s little jobs often include unloading the washing machine if I can beat her too it.
So here I am sitting one day feeling like I’ve been pulled through the bush backwards then water blasted with heat and my daughter says
“Oh Mum you’re so silly” in tune with a book we read often about a boy named Jack…who is a Silly boy.
She holds up my watch.
I’m puzzled then I click…oh goodness its just gone through the wash…on a long cycle.
But hey it still worked…well for 2 weeks afterwards…poor thing its been through a lot. Mt Bike races, Caving for hours, Being bashed while absailing down a cliff at 2am in the pouring rain…then being mouthed by my baby for 2 years…it finally died.
Now its in my handbag to get a heart transplant aka new battery.

Then next week after stripping the bed and scooping up all the sheets…I also scooped up the wooden wedge we use as a door stop.
I thought that there was a funny noise coming from the laundry but it stopped so I didn’t worry.
A very clean door stop and my daughter wagging her finger at me again.


Ok add to that this morning I’ve found a screw driver and two battery’s

Posted by: Megan | November 28, 2008

Batter up

In our recent visit to Running with Sissors we discovered our little girl was a bit of a hitter…as in with a bat and not something alive thank goodness. Bec’s had set up a piñata in the trees outside and all the kids had a go…and the adults too. Ara has never really seen any sports that involve bat’s and hitting and she’s never had a chance to hit anything with a sick up until now…and she seemed to have a bit of a knack…and she kept on going back even when everyone else had gone inside and the piñata was well and truly hadit.

Posted by: Megan | November 5, 2008

US Election excitement

I had been wondering all day what was happening. So towards the end of the day with a very hyped up Ara I sat down and tried to find some information of the US elections on the net (We don’t have a TV).

I don’t often get near the computer when Ara is awake…and I was reminded why….I had to read two stories get a piece of cheese…some crackers…a drink. I held her and rocked her as I sat on the floor and watched history in the making.

It is so hard to explain to a two year old the excitement…but I managed to see little bits.

I wish all American peoples the best.

Now we will wait for our own elections this weekend…with hope I’ll be able to share my reading and feeding duties with Dave 😉

Posted by: Megan | November 3, 2008

US Election

Every morning Ara and I watch the news. Its got to the point that I can’t watch anything else as Ara can even name the reporters.

John McCain was on for a quick snippet giving a speech. Ara informed me “He’s not a very nice man”. I was a bit taken aback for her to make a judgement on politics but then realised that he’s a Grandfather figure ‘yelling’ which can be scary.

Then not half a moment later Barack Obama came on “Who are the kids with Obama?” I was surprised again that she even realised who was who and how to say Barack Obama’s name. “Where is their Mumma?” I pointed her out…Ara nodded and seemed to think nothing more of it.

Posted by: Megan | November 2, 2008

Look Ma no tail

Ara was a little upset when Griffin would not come in the door that she had finaly managed to open. I explained that as we had been out all day and Griffin had been in the house he probably really just wanted some outdoor time.

She climbed up on the couch next to Dave and told him that “Griffin might need to go wee wee”…Dave nodded knowing…

“He would have to hold his tail out of the way” (Strange image in my head of Griffin holding his tail in his paws)…”umm” said Dave nodding again….

“He goes in his own toilet” (again I’m wondering where she thinks this toilet might be…maybe the old long drop down the end of the garden?).

Then some how we got to asking if Dadda had a tail and Dave had to stand up so Ara could check. Then Dave asked if Ara had a tail…

“No tail” she almost looked surprised…”Look Mumma no tail”

Posted by: Megan | October 26, 2008


As we have a long weekend holiday Dave wanted to do something special as a family so we all headed to the swimming pools.

Ara does not know how to swim yet that is one of the things I’ve on my to do list this summer…but she doesn’t have any fear of water…as in this post here I remember…it just seems like such a long time ago. There were a few face firsts into the water where I expected the natural reaction was to try and push herself up…but no she just held her breath.

We took her into the wave pool…which was a bit cold for her but she still had fun. I spent most of my time in the baby pool so I could just float around and stay nice and warm but not too hot. As it is holidays there were lots of pool toys around which made it fun but you had to dodge a bit.

While sitting in the baby pool with its little water fall Ara spotted the outlets for the slides. I while Dave had her in the wave pool I looked at the rules for the slides. No one under 8 unless an adult is with them at all times. So a 2.5 year old? I asked and the teenager life guard just shrugged his shoulders as said “why not”.

“I want to go there” I knew it was coming. Ara had no idea what it was but she wanted to do it. So off they went…I’m not aloud due to having Next Bubba on the way….which made me sad for missing out on this…but its Dadda and Ara time. As I watched them go it really made me look and realise how small she is…she’s only 2.5….WOW so amazing!

So I sat at the bottom in my warm water waiting and waiting for their turn to come rushing out this hydoslide…and they did with big smiles….and two seconds later “Again!”

Posted by: Megan | October 24, 2008


Ara just loves Thomas the tank engine. Yes she’s a little girl who loves to hang out with the boys with the building blocks the cars and the sand-pit. Thomas has been the big thing since starting play-centre and we are very lucky to have quite a few bits with a few Thomas to keep the fights down.

We were thinking as Thomas is made of wood that maybe it might be a good thing to buy as it would last a long time…but no not at that cost! So I feel lucky to of spotted a Thomas set at the local toy library and maybe for a few weeks on lend Ara can get Thomas out of her system.

Mum and Dad also brought some Thomas stories to watch on the computer…which I’m very sick of. I would have to say I think Rusty is Ara’s favorite engine then Thomas.

Already Ara has managed a loop track which she can never do at play-centre as there are too many people helping to build to actually get anything to form some sort of order.

Some words “I’m doing lots of work” “When we’ve finished we give it back to the library?” “It must nearly be my bed time…I’ll go sleep in the big bed” 

Its a bit early but hey if she wants to….any way we have a Fraggles time coming up which has become something she see’s as a grey day treat learnt from Nana.

Posted by: Megan | October 23, 2008

Going round the bend with food

I am sick of being sick!

My all day sickness is really driving me nuts!

I look in the pantry and all I can see is dry crackers which I can not stand any more… argh!

I’ve a little thing that I do to see if I can eat a type of food. I bring the image of the food into my head and judge the reaction to it from my tummy. It used to work really well but now I’m not too sure. We’ve not been eating a lot of beef as of late but I thought (as I’ve been running out of ideas) what about mince…organic. I cooked it up with out any problems ate it as well…then just before bed I lost the lot…sigh!

I’ve been dreaming of red peppers but they cost so much at the moment that its not really been on the menu. We finaly brought one on the weekend and I made a wonderful meal last night with asparagus our own silverbeet and corriander…or course red pepper went in last…so last that it’s still in the fridge where I remembered it at 2am. Dam!

So I thought I would do the same meal again for Dave when he comes home (Dave who is now going gluten free) but put the pepper in.

Oh what a team. Mum can hardly keep anything down, Dad veggieterain and gluten free, Bub a 2.5 year old who likes eating frozen peas and bread but not much else at the moment. Oh sigh I can only hope that Next Bubba likes the milk its going to get.

Posted by: Megan | October 22, 2008

Grand-dad’s observation:

Every so often Dad who is a blogger too likes to add a little bit to my blogs…so here it is

Ara is now two and a half years old. A couple of month ago, she began to show a big upsurge in language. Words, words, words – a whole new crop every day. And she only needed to hear a word once, even quite complex ones, to be able to repeat it. (Hmm, in that case a few words need to be dropped from Grand-dad’s vocabulary very quickly thank you!) And hard on the heels of word acquisition, came sentences – whole sentences that make sense, convey quite complex information and, by and large are grammatically correct. (There is a sensitive period for the development of grammar and Ara is right in there.)

With the increase in language came a substantial foray into her exploration of experiences and ideas. She wants to be involved in everything and to do as much as she can for herself. “Ara do” is a very frequently heard expression. In this, she fairly sparkles with self-confidence, assertion and determination. If she wants to struggle with something herself, she will firmly rebuff any attempts to help her – but will ask for help or ask for a hug too, if she feels the need.

Interesting to consider the development of this self-confidence, determination and assertion in a child who has never been hit, has never been intimidated in the name of child raising and who has been treated with respect in a positive parenting sense. We all say please when we want something of her, we say thank you, she is asked to do things, we don’t snatch things from her, we include her actively in the things we do, and, most importantly, she is comforted when she needs comfort and is never left in distress.

This is not to say that she is a perpetual little angel, who never needs correction or discipline, nor is positive parenting necessarily an easy road. As Ara recently proclaimed to a neighbour, with a gleam in her eye – “Mummy says I’m a pain in the bum.” (Blush blush.)

But I can clearly see the rapid growth of a psychologically secure personality and healthy concepts of self and self in relation to others. Positive parenting results in healthy psychological development, which is actually not surprising, when you think about it!

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